Hope in Hopelessness

Almost a year ago, I got suspended from my job wearing a uniform… Then, I was looking for someone to blame for my problems….Thank to life, I finally got to find him during my touching stay at the house La Vigile while I thought I new him for 33 years already.

I had a very hard job that fed my thirst for adrenaline and my need for success. I loved the risk that came with the work and I thought I had solutions to every of my “customers” problems. Searching for who I was, I became eager to please. I trained excessively to project a better image of myself. Nice car, nice looking man, nice uniform…I wanted to become someone by showing off what I had and valued myself through the material things I had. I figured out that it was just a front, I was an empty vessel…within that excessive side of me, wine, sex and cocaine represented what I likes the most in it all: living without thinking of tomorrow, my way, without considering the consequences. This lasted about 5 years to end up brewing black constantly and thinking of leaving this life that made me suffer so much…

It is then that I went to la Vigile after a friend strongly recommended it to me and thanks to them, I finally found who I am. Allowing myself to be me after all these years living a lie and leave all the many masks wore at the door. I allowed myself to be IMPERFECT for the first time in my life in this society where even TV ads tend to show you what PERFECT is.

I realized that even with a good job, a nice car, a beautiful home and a promising future, I really wasn’t happy. While I thought happiness was the destination, I found out it was much more in the way to get there. By dropping all my different masks, I felt a huge relief. I was finally ME.

Thank you La Vigile to help me find my way in life and thanks to them, my parents got to talk to their son at Christmas…

I wish you with all my heart for you to find there what I got to discover,


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