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We help those who work in emergency, distress and confidentiality.


The therapy home

House of therapy with accommodation, LA VIGILE is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help women and men wearing uniforms or any other adult with problems.

Caregiver Assistance Program

LA VIGILE has developed its division of the services of help programs because it is specialized for the people who wear the uniform (culture, dangerousness, stress, thoughts, profile of personality, characteristics of their mission, perfectionism, no mistake allowed, overtime, specialized operations, etc.)


LA VIGILE is a master in the creation of specific training for people wearing the uniform. In 2015, LA VIGILE trained a group of police officers from the City of Lévis as peer helpers (sentinel training).

Research and development

Every year, LA VIGILE welcomes Laval University trainees from the program of social service, drug addiction and psychoeducation.

Help us

Together it's possible.

Donate to the Vigil helps to support a colleague, loved one or a friend in need; a person in distress who is devoted, every day, to others for the proper functioning of our society.


They made it possible.


Articles & events for you!

Opening of a therapy house in Ontario

La Vigile is proud to announce the project to open a therapy house in Ontario. Make this project possible by donating here .

2 February 2018

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