La Vigile

58% of patients treated at La Vigile are men.

La Vigile is there for you!

Since 2003, LA VIGILE has helped more than 5 000 people on various issues related to addictions, depression, post-trauma, anxiety, mourning, anger, marital issues. In its dwelling, LA VIGILE, testified that amongst the 63 people between 2013 and 2015, 56% were suicidal at their admission, 32% were admitted for depression, 36% were admitted for dependency, and 19% were admitted for a letup.
No one is immune to psychological suffering. We live in an increasingly demanding world where performance criteria are omnipresent. Clients with a dominant problem in addictions or pathological gambling are accommodated in separate units.

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Telephone number for the Suicide Prevention Center

Addictions Program: 30 days
Depression program 30 days
Respite program 30 days
Anxiety Program: 26 days
ESPT program: 26 days
Emotions and anger program 10 days

For registration, Maison Vigile 581-742-7001 Ask to talk to the nurse.

For registration, contact the medical service of La Vigile at 581-742-7001 or 1-888-315-0007