Caregiver Assistance Program

Caregiver Assistance Program

LA VIGILE has developed its Assistance Services Division because it is specialized for people who wear uniforms (culture, dangerousness, stress, thoughts, personality profile, mission characteristics, perfectionism, no margin for error, overtime, specialized operations, etc.)

LA VIGILE is under contract for assistance programs with:

  1. the Québec Provincial Police Officers Association (APPQ) since January 2005. This program provides support to 25,000 people.
  2. The FSSS-CSN hospital sector for the paramedics affiliated to this union (since January 2015);
  3. The police service of the County of Les Collines in the Outaouais (since January 2016).

LA VIGILE is the only entreprise that has the unique expertise of the uniform community and its recognition by its peers is constantly growing.

LA VIGILE initiated a desensitization operation at the County of Les Collines, and a Crisis unit for the two (2) events at Lac Simon that occurred in February and April 2016.