On November 12, 1999, LA VIGILE became officially a non-profit organization. Its official name is the Reseau d’accueil des agents et agentes de la paix (LAVIGILE). The first Board of Directors was composed of Mr. Jacques Denis Simard, President, Mr. Gérard Briand, Vice-President, Ms. Diane Richard Simoneau, Secretary, Ms. Diane Tremblay Simard, Treasurer and Mr. Jacques Simoneau and Ms. Anne-Hélène Dussault, administrators.

The philosophy behind

Mr. Jacques-Denis Simard had a career with the Sureté du Québec(SQ) from 1972 to 2005. It was mainly during his assignment as a police officer in charge of the personnel assistance program of the SQ for Eastern Québec that the idea of ​​founding a therapy home specific to people wearing the uniform takes shape. With the help of his colleague Jacques Simoneau, a police officer at the police department of City of Québec, in charge of the police assistance program of the City of Québec, the project took shape. The relief and assistance program began in 2003 as a clinical partner of the Casa Center and Villa Ignatia, two (2) drug addiction centers in Quebec City. The Board of Directors of LA VIGILE authorized the purchase of a therapy home on January 6, 2012 and on September 26, LA VIGILE signed the notarial contract for the acquisition of its building at 2-A Mgr Marc-Leclerc street in Quebec. It welcomed its first residents on November 27, 2012.

For who?

Shelter for Constabulary Force, Military, Emergency Responders, their family members, or any other person in need of help and support.

All emergency responders

  • Police officers
  • firefighters
  • Peace Correctional Officers
  • Security guards
  • dispatchers
  • Collaborating staff members

Health professionals

  • paramedics
  • nurses
  • Doctors
  • psychologists
  • Social workers
  • Community workers
  • Other service support workers



  • Veterans
  • Immediate family
  • Any other person