VIGILE is a master in the creation of specific training for people wearing the uniform. In 2015, LA VIGILE trained a group of police officers from the City of Lévis as police officers peer helpers (Sentinel Training). Also in 2015, LA VIGILE trained all firefighters of the City of Lévis in its “Intervening as Victims” program. This training was also given to the Kingsey Falls and Danville firefighters. In May 2016, LA VIGILE trained four (4)  police officers from the County des Collines of Outaouais (Sentinel Program).

  • Intervening as Victims;
  • Peer Helpers Program – La Vigile 2017;
  • Stress prevention;
  • The harassment;
  • Mental health;
  • Conflict management;

The Vigil can offer different specialized training adapted to the organizations that wear the uniform in order to meet the organizational needs. Contact us to tell us about your needs!